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Life After East is a group of volunteers eager to support you. Fill out THIS FORM so that you can begin the process of connecting with our volunteers.

Check out these videos and this document to get an understanding of the college application process prior to reaching out to us with more specific questions.

College Visits-How to sign up

The how-to's and links you need to apply for college:
Teacher Letter of Recommendation Requests

1. Fill out a teacher letter of recommendation information form

2. Request the letter on Maia and upload the information form. See below for steps.

Counselor Letter of Recommendation Requests

1. Fill out a counselor letter of recommendation request form.

2. Request the letter on Maia. See below for steps (skip step 4).

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 2.44.14 PM.png



3 click on your recommender

4 upload info form (teacher recs only)


1. Click on your counselor's name to access their specific transcript request. Fill and submit. 

2. Request the transcript on Maia. Go to: Universities>Applying List>Under each individual college click the box "transcript request"

Clicking on the wrong counselor and/or not requesting it on Maia as well may cause a delay in your transcript being sent.

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